The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) is a new, independent regulatory agency created to improve consumer and pension plan beneficiary protections in Ontario.

FSRA aims to be a forward-looking, flexible, self-funded regulator capable of responding to the dynamic pace of change in marketplace, industry and public expectations.

When operational, FSRA will be a principles-based regulator that will

  • support business investment, competition and innovation;
  • respond to changes in industry and consumer expectations;
  • better protect Ontarians who: buy or receive benefits from insurance (property and casualty including auto; life and health including annuities and life insurance investment products); are members of credit unions; do business with credit unions or loan and trust companies; use mortgage brokers; or rely on pension plans for income security
  • improve market effectiveness and enhance market integrity; and
  • foster effective and consistent regulation across Canada through leadership and advocacy.

At this time FSRA is establishing its organization and developing a transition plan to assume regulatory functions currently under the auspices of other agencies. For inquiries relating to current regulatory matters, please contact the appropriate agency.